Portfolio and Resume

Below I welcome everyone to snippets of my work. You will find everything from film writing, to television writing, to comic book writing, all of which I am very proud to share. Enjoy!


Television Scripts

Television/Horror Suspense

The Walking Dead: “Enemy of my Enemy”

Rick and Alexandria are visited by a band of individuals calling themselves the Rogues. After hearing about what Rick did to one of Negan’s outpost, they offer them a solution to help them acquire guns and food.

Film Scripts


Cyclops_The First X-Man Act 1

Scott Summers, a mutant, must learn the significance of fighting for something greater than himself so that he could one day lead the famous team of mutants known as the X-men.

Comic Scripts


ΩVariant Act 1

Jimmy Reed believes himself to be insignificant among incredible peers until he learns that he is a Variant, a dangerous superpower capable of dismantling the rest of mankind.

Interactive Video Games

Video Game/Fantasy

SevenWayward Souls

Father Gabriel is displaced in Hell and his only way back is to either absolve or damn seven wayward souls that have escaped into the Beyond unjudged.