A self-published author, I have been writing for a little over eight years and I am determined to become one of the “greats.”

Earning my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University, I write for film, television, children’s story, and shorts. My goal, however, is to be a novelist. Back in 2010, I wrote and self-published my first book titled Legendary: The Genesis published by Strategic Book. Recently, I’ve taken it off the market to remaster and strengthen its marketability with the new edition set for completion by beginning of 2018.

The brand I crave for myself is one by definition profound and encourages critical, philosophical thinking. Through content in genres wading in dark themes, I want to challenge the psychology of modern day entertainers and entertainment consumers by establishing within my creations definitive messages that encourage thought-provoking dialogue between audience and content providers on crucial social topics.