Scandal Season 6 Finale (Are You Serious?!)

Olivia Pope

Congratulations, Olivia Pope, you have acquired true power. The two-parter season finale of the hit ABC show Scandal starring everyone’s beloved fixer of Washington D.C. aired May 18th. The first hour felt more fluffy than anything though it had some significant takeaway moments. Like for instance, the salacious breadcrumbs leading us to the true murderer of Frankie Vargas.

Season 6 started out with an entirely new recipe for the show which, in my opinion, was a re-imagination that revitalized the beating heart of a what seemed at one point to be a dying series (kinda?). We got episodes dedicated to each individual cast member’s character and their perception and involvement with the underlying scandal of Frankie Vargas’ assassination which provided many more layers to everyone. This season also so a derailment of Olitz which puzzled together impeccably in proper sendoff between Fitz and Olivia out on the White House lawn. Season six also highlighted some of the series’ strongest performances.

But who would have anticipated that all these events would darken our leading Gladiator’s white hate? Who’d have predicted that our hero, Olivia Pope, would alter herself into season 7’s possible villain?

In a unforeseeable twist, it was revealed that Luna Vargas, Frankie’s wife, was behind her husband’s murder all along. The legacy of his death would have paved a way for Luna to become one day, if allowed, the most powerful president in U.S. history. But our Olivia Pope was able to sniff out that bone and present Luna with an ultimatum: to kill herself and die proudly or suffer a more inglorious and ominous death. Luna chose the former but events would reveal that beneath the bone of Luna’s ploy lied a bigger bone, one that traced back to none other than the monster himself, Cyrus.

In the concluding moments of Scandal, Olivia Pope saw the reinstatement of B613 and appointed herself Command and adopt a sinister disposition. And I must admit…I love it! What better way than to keep the fans engaged and talking about Scandal than by taking our proudest Gladiator and turn her dark, a formula that has bolded very well in the past in works like the Dark Phoenix Saga of the X-men.

Later this week, I will post a blog detailing my predictions of season 7, the “possible” series finale. So stay tuned and stay free.


Conquering Shadows by Kourtney D Cooper

Conquering Shadows

Lo, the Morn, my bitter, the world forgot,

How to love you without selfish causes.

Behold, us Shadows, crestfallen and fraught,

Diseased with Sin, the untamed and lawless.

Eternal nightmares consuming your world,

Pestering the righteous and breaking day.

Shattered Shadows become souls wielding swords,

Blades to your neck, they progress your decay.

But the might of your Light dies and rebirths,

Casting sight, revealing Daemons of Night,

And we seize the wicked and dance in mirth,

For triumph’s succeeded by mind and sight.

Let not discouragement bury good heart.

Conquered Shadows will recede back to dark.

The Great Willow by Kourtney D Cooper

Weeping Willow

Oh, good morning, Great Willow,

Tis I, the Mourning Widow.

Indeed, I’m still laden with pain and sorrow,

Afraid of sleep and afraid to borrow,

Another tomorrow from you, Great Willow.

How tired are you of the Mourning Widow?

I can imagine such great tire,

Which is why I’ve come with fire.

You know my story, my curse, my life,

How I’d become the consenting wife,

Of my husband’s afflictions,

And the absence of my objections,

For love made me content with his content

Until my content was untimely spent.

You know the fatal story, no need to revisit

But there is one thing that I feel I must edit.

I iterated my remorse, my penitence, my regret,

But behold a lie and I’m sorry to beget

That mendacity that has solidified our fates.

For you fire, for me rope.

Together we’ll be free and death will bear new hope.

Let us both enjoy the inheritance of peace.

Let us both find comfort in infinite sleep.