The Red Woman

Lady in Red

“Can you walk me through the encounter, Mr. Patrick?” the therapist asked.

“Can I? Pfft! That day burdens my mind indefatigably with acute clarity… Man, how much I wish it didn’t.

“I’d gone to Lucy’s Cafe that morning, like every morning. Newly incensed because I’d whacked my two hundred dollar watch against the cab door and broke it—fucking stupid—I was in much need of a caffeinated beverage to calm my nerves. Lucy’s Cafe is just on the corner of Washington Street and 4th, just before City Hall. Work was right across the street from there so you can imagine how often Lucy saw my business.

“Anyway, the barista that morning was Cynthia. We were conversing about her looming graduation day. God, she was so ambitious. Such a fucking waste of talent if you ask me. I mean, she majored in marine biology. Fucking marine biology… I mean…who in the hell is even successful as a marine biologist?

“As we were talking, I caught a glimpse of her, just to the left of Cynthia’s ear. I was instantly enamored. What I can recall most of all about her is her hair. It was bold, red, curling down her back and over her shoulder…the kind of hair you see in those shampoo commercial ads. I assumed it’d been her beautiful hair that had triggered my attention—her bright red hair within a sea of duller hues. But no, it was her smile within a crowd of smiles…like magnetism, my soul was drawn to her. I melted into my shoes.

“My palms were sweaty, my breath staggered, my heart pattered. No woman has ever made me feel that way. Not from initial sight.

“My feet had a mind all their own and awkwardly they walked me over to where she was. When her eyes, like sapphires, met mine, I felt…coldness, a numbness, a feeling of emptiness, like she’d sucked my soul right out of my body and it was my job to do everything in my power to get it back.

“Nervously I spoke, pathetically and ineptly. She smiled and greeted me back. I told her that I couldn’t help but notice her from across the room. She modestly replied she gets that a lot. I told her I could see why.

“I asked her if I could sit and she told me yeah but when I sat there, I couldn’t speak. My fucking tongue was numb, doc. Paralyzed. I was a lawyer, a damn amazing one at that and I was left speechless. That never happens. She innocently, with a slight smile, asked “What?” And, honestly, I answered, “Nothing…you are just so beautiful that I can’t find anything to say.”

“Remembering the time, I looked down to my broken watch, getting pissed all over again at the sight of it. I told her I had to run. I gave her my number and told her that she would make me the luckiest man in the world if she’d give me a chance to go out with her tonight. When she nodded, my heart nearly fell out of my chest and onto the floor.

“I pathetically stumbled out of the door with my cappuccino, elated beyond my own understanding. I was unqualified at work that day, floating in a space where nothing seemed important enough to matter. How does that happen? How does one have such a formidable effect on a person?

“To my stunning surprise, she called me around six that evening. We talked on the phone for about fifteen minutes—about the day, about Lucy’s. It was such a great small, brief conversation. I asked her if she would join me at the Italian restaurant downtown, La Amore. I agreed to pick her up at seven and that was then end of that conversation.

“When I got off the phone, I was reduced to a child, jumping and galloping around my bachelor’s pad as if my mom had just told my seven year old self that we were going to Disney Land or something.

“I put on my best suit—a silver Armani with an electric blue tie. Chanel cologne. Man, I looked so damn good that night.

“I arrived ten minutes early.

“When she stepped out of the house, her haired pinned up and flipped over her right shoulder and wearing a fitted red dress, my jaw dropped. A soft paint of red perfected the shape of her lips. The curves of her body were impeccably distinguished in that dressed. I had to put my hands in front of my crotch because, damn, did the sight of her give me an erection. Adorned around her neck was a diamond necklace which matched her hanging diamond earrings. At that moment, I became overwhelmed by her presence, beleaguered by doubtful thoughts. Was she out of my league, I remember thinking. Am I in over my head?

“I was gentleman-like, of course—complemented her, opened the door for her and closed it behind her. When I got in the car, it smelled like roses and cream. Absolutely stunning… I can almost smell it now.

“We made it to La Amore at exactly 7:30. Everything was perfect—the dim lighting, the ambient hushed chatter, the Italian music, the food, our conversation. I was in total bliss. We talked about the future, kids, our ideas of marriage, politics, religion, everything that people would consider off limit for a first date…and it was perfect. All of our ideologies were in sync.

“I saw her home and she invited me in. I’d gotten to know her mind and beauty throughout most of the day. Now, she was inviting me to get to know her body. And I did…I loved every bit of her. The curvature of her waist and bosom, the electricity of her touch, her airy moans… All of her was intoxicating…I became addicted like some meth head or something. I fell…that night. I fell into the oblivion that is love.

“When I woke the next day, in her house, in her bed…almost everything was gone. Only the bed and the sheets we’d made love in and my memories of our night were all that was left in the house.

“I looked like a crazy man running down the street naked looking for her. But I was a determined, man. I was going to find her.

“Every day after, I’d go to Lucy’s to see if she’d be there in that spot, with that hair, with that smile. But she never was. Mentally, emotionally, I broke. I fucked that store up… I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I didn’t mean to kill that man.

“But…she just disappeared on me. She made me fall in love with her in a day. She took my heart and my soul and disappeared… What a bitch, right?”



America Redux, Path Back to the Dark Side

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 3.20.32 PM

The recent death of Aaron Hernandez, ex-NFL football player to the New England Patriots serves as a testament as to just how far this nation has to go before any of us are truly free.

On April 19th, 2017, Hernandez was found hanging in his jail cell. Left behind were three suicide notes-one to his daughter, another to his wife, and the last to an alleged gay lover he’d acquired while incarcerated. Much speculation distinguishes the motive behind Hernandez’s death to the fact that he was bisexual and that this verity also served as the catalyst in the murder of  Odin Lloyd, his fellow teammate back in 2013 who may have known the truth about Hernandez’s sexuality.

But let’s for a moment forget the varnish that is celebrity. Strip away the identity of professional football player and what do you have? You have a guy, ordinary beneath the surface, struggling with his truth because living in such a light would cast a formidable and heavy shadow of prejudice. The ensuing isolation and disownment of fans and loved ones and the vociferous voices of religious groups who condemn said feelings and actions can be unbearable and overwhelming. It could damn right drive you insane.

Aaron Hernandez(Aaron Hernandez in court during the proceedings of his case.)

I’ll admit, even I assumed him to be a monster after the 2013 report came out. But with the surfacing of these particular truths comes the need to sympathize with this human being afraid of how much his life would change, personally and professionally, with living his truth. What Hernandez did back in 2013 was cowardice behavior, a behavior that is inadvertently promoted within our own society.

I’ll elaborate. It takes true courage and bravery to dismiss the white noise of the prejudice. To live one’s truth. However, such bravery has a price. Simply put, not many people are willing to pay that price.

According to the CDC, gay and bisexual men are four times more likely to take their life in contrast to the likelihood of women and represent 79% of all United States’ suicides. A staggering statistic, indeed because it only calculates America. Gay and bisexual men are also more susceptible according to the CDC to exhibit violent behavior because of homophobia, harassment and violent acts that are committed against the gay community by non-homosexuals.

The fight for freedom has been an ongoing battle here in America and it’s frightening to for a second consider the possibility of regression. With new President Trump sullied with controversies, leading a very redux mentality, emboldening dangerous thinkers who believe in the supremacy of one race, none of this steers America in the direction to be “Great Again.”  These ideologies, if not rectified and silenced swiftly, will dismantle the nation of America, the land of the free. Wars are already ready rupturing in our own backyard like those in California. Is what we saw in California the quiet before the storm?

The results of prejudice in America in the year 2017 is unrest and anarchy. People are willing to murder, kill themselves, or fight against those who willing oppress. Let’s not make it okay for cowardice behavior to lead this country. Let the brave step forward and declare liberty, freedom, and justice for all.

ΩV – Act 1 of Issue #1 – “Day of R”

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 11.37.26 AM

This here is one of my original works titled Omega Variant or ΩV. Follow our hero, Nathan Reed, as he traverses through the year 2626. After WWIII, Earth was left uninhabitable. 37% of the worlds population was killed and the rest was mutated into one of two directions. Alphahides are the next evolutionary step of human (which there are no more of). They are capable of incredible feats and powers. The others are Abominations–ravenous, ruthless fleshly zombie-like creatures with claws and sharp fangs with one sole purpose-to devour Alphahides. The Alphahides were forced to use their powers to develop contraptions capable of levitating cities so that they could be safe from Abominations. These contraptions are known as SkyCarriers.

There are only ten SkyCarriers around the globe and in our first issue, they are prepping for the Elysian Games, an annual competition that brings all of the SkyCarriers to the Elysia SkyCarrier, the crown jewel of them all.

However, during the games, something goes terribly wrong and a secret, formidable power is unleashed, threatening to destroy all that Alphahides have built. This is the tale of the Omega Variant.

ΩV Act 1



X-Men Prime Issue #1 Review



X-Men Prime Issue #1 is a colorful presentation written by Marc Guggenheim, Greg Pak and Cullen Bunn and Drawn by Ken Lashley, Ibrahim Roberson, and Leonard Kirk with Michael Garland.

I want to begin this review by prefacing my little history of reading comics. I believe absolute transparency needs to be adhered from the “get” so, there! As a matter of fact, my knowledge of the comic genre comes from other mediums such as television, film and video games, yet, my LOVE and adoration for these characters and worlds and stories are endless. The only comic I have ever read was The Walking Day Volume One: Days Gone Bye which came after experiencing the material in television form.

Now that my dream is to pursue a writing career as a comic writer, I’ve decided to go Back to the Basics (which is the name of another X-men issue I will be reviewing later this week). I want to enjoy this journey with people who love this medium of writing because now that I’ve gotten a taste, I can’t get enough!

We begin this issue with an inner monologue from Kitty Pryde, a.k.a. Shadowcat, as she is dancing in a loft studio in Chicago, Illinois, leading what seems to be a normal life. But she is then visited by Ororo Monroe, a.k.a. Storm, and thus, our journey into the new X-men begins.

First of all, can we take a second to appreciate that Splash Page of Storm. It was gorgeous, perfection, representing of a goddess. The artwork throughout this entire issue is stunning.

Kitty assumes rightly Storm’s visit to request her presence back into the fold of the X-men. After having a brief conversation with a remorseful Storm, we find out that the X-men had gone to war against the Inhumans, an initiative led by Storm herself. Kitty was in space enduring adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy and did not partake in this war.

The X-Mansion has been displaced in Limbo where for the most part, all the mutants and students there are safe. But they are lost, without direction, licking their wounds after a war nearly left them extinct. As Kitty traverses through the Mansion, she encounters the faces of old friends and the nostalgic feelings of being an X-man.

At a point, we see a young version of the original X-men team–Cyclops, Marvel Girl, a.k.a. Jean Grey, Angel, Ice-Man and Beast–conducting a Danger Room simulation. Apparently, this team was displaced through by an older Beast. (What?! Where was I? When did this happen?!) Kitty at first believes the five to be conducting a simulation without proper supervision but learns it is just a prerecording. The original left the premises of the X-Haven, their adventures to be continued (I’m assuming because I have yet to read it) in X-men Blue Issue #1.

After, Kitty meets up with Magik and after a conversation, decides that the X-men do in fact need her. She tells them that it is time show the world that they are more than just mutants, freaks, homo superiors, or whatever adjective this world has affixed upon them. That instead, they will show the world that they are heroes.


For the first X-men comic I have ever read, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am sure for many, it may have come across as a lackluster, not much new information, a simple rehashing of events but for me, it deepened my love and adoration for this franchise and I can’t wait to see what else is in stored for the X-men.

There was, however, a segment of the issue that felt displaced because it didn’t go with the rest of the issue’s primary story arc, however, from the marketing standpoint of the Weapon X Issue #1 coming out this April, I understand its placement but I could have also done without it.


I rate this issue, and again, it comes from the fact that I am very new to the medium, a 8.5/10.

Also, feel free to leave in the comments below what comics you would like for me to read. They can be old, new, or whatever and I will do my best to review whatever is most requested.

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