Welcome Back!

It was never my intention to be away from my blog for so long. In fact, I was initially ecstatic to be constantly working my creative mind to compose and create astonishing things. However, there is this funny thing called life and it always finds a way to intervene with initial intentions.

My focus has been divided by school and the inundation of work that comes with it, maintaining a full-time job as a banker, marriage, and trying to stay on top of my fitness. There just never seems to be enough time in the day.

Blog Image

But given that I’ve been away for so long, I have plentiful of work to show in lieu of my absence. I am going to be dedicating my blog to also showcasing my work. Recently, I’ve done classes in writing for television, film, comics, and video games just to name a few.

In my time away, I have found what type of medium I want to write for. Comic book writing to me has been challenged my creativity and has been the most fun. I will be featuring a snippet of Issue #1 Act 1 of my original work titled ΩV which stands for Omega Variant.

Look forward to more material in the future!