AHS ?6 – The Best Thus Far?

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Bizarre. Spine-Chilling. Terrifying. Discomforting. A sum of adjectives easily prescribed and circumscribed to previous American Horror Story seasons. A formula that has manifested iconic, memorable parables, some successful and others, though not complete failures, failed to truly gratify, the latter mentioned is definitely not the case when discussing the season premier episode that aired last night on FX.

Season 6, titled My Roanoake Nightmare, is told documentary-styled, following couple Matt Miller, played by Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr., and Shelby Miller, played by renowned actress and AHS familiar Sarah Paulson, after a tragedy forces them to leave the city of Los Angeles and establish residence in a farm house out in the country of North Carolina.

The cinematography utilized is exceptional and stands out from previous seasons for the simple fact in how the storytelling is executed. The combination of several horror genre tropes coupled with the amazing on-screen talent establish qualities that are similar to watching a movie.

The question mark at the beginning of the season’s logo is justified because although masterfully crafted in how it tells its story, it is tremendously suffused in mystique. There is so many different horror genre type identifiers-ie: slasher, supernatural, haunting, voodooism-that you find yourself in constant question but in a good way. There is a disturbing sequence of a man wearing a pig head in a desolate wood on an old television set that pay homeage to several film types such as Saw, the Ring, and Wrong Turn.

Aesthetically the best presented of the seasons, the atmosphere’s prime locale, the farm house is gorgeously haunting. From the exterior of barren lands for property and an endless forest for a backyard to the interior’s spiral staircasing, massive sky light, elegant study, dull and chipped painting, vintage wallpaper, and sparsely furnished rooms, the home is enough alone to give you nightmares.

Fan favorite actors return in the debut of season 6 like Kathy Bates, Lily Rabe, and Angela Bassett. It is still unknown but with the leak of a certain photo, audiences can anticipate surprise, scares, and one bad ass season.

American Horror Story airs on FX at 10:00pm. Check you cable listing for channel.



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