Level UP! Please


Beware my Psycho Power!

Okay, so I must admit-I am a fighting game junky. For some reason, there is nothing more rewarding to me than talking crap about being good at a fighting game and being able to back those words up by lashing out combos and supers of relentless nature.

One of the newest games to enter the fighting game arena this year was Street Fighter V. With the introduction of V-Skills and V-Reversals, I must admit, I have never put in more hours in a Street Fighter game before.


I mean, mechanics aside, just the sheer beauty displayed in the graphics are enough to pique one’s interest.

(And if it isn’t obvious by now, my favorite character in the entire game is none other than the Emperor of Evil M. Bison).

With an inclusive roster of 22 characters, the various match combinations make for an interesting splash of color, projectiles, and quippy one-liners across your living room television screen.

But what will the future of Street Fighter v look like? Street Fighter v already follows a newness with the franchises first ever cinematic story mode. Not for nothing, it was fun but even with everything the game has to offer since its release earlier this year, it still feels to be lacking. There is no iconic Arcade Mode, the roster of 22, 6 of which must be obtained through either hours upon hours of gameplay to accumulate fight money or by whipping out that handy-dandy wallet and purchasing them. And the characters only come with one Critical Art with no Super Special! What’s up with dat!

Now I know it sounds like I’m crapping all over this game but in all honesty, it is damn fun. Capcom has never disappointed in the realm of DLC-let’s just hope we won’t have to wait for Ultimate Mega Super Duper Spectacular Street Fighter V Arcade Special Edition in order to see that because it was the multiple re-releases of Street Fighter IV that I lost my interest.

So go out in pick up a title and RISE UP!

My Rating: 4 out 5




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