Entering a World of Blogging

In all honesty, I never would have imagined myself to pursue blogging recreationally and for professional gain. Funny, is it not, how life has a way of exposing us to things we’d otherwise brush off as naught and non-essential. If you are an aspiring writer and you are reading this, take advantage of every outlet imaginable to create content and strengthen the chances of your exposure. You never know who may be looking.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the meat and potatoes of this blog. What brought me to the World of Blogging? Well, the answer to this question dates back eight years ago when I first decided I wanted to be a writer. After an impressive eight months (at least impressive to me) I completed my first novel. Proud of myself and excited to make money, I rushed without research to get noticed by agents and publishers so that I could get my work out there and into the living rooms of every day people.

To my shocking surprise, it isn’t as easy as just writing a book and getting it published. You will set yourself up for years of disappointment. (Trust me, I know).

My work, Legendary: The Genesis was, in my humble opinion “the next “big” thing.” It involved creatures and content rarely ever touched upon in the entertainment world with a unique spin that was sure to make me–oh, and the publisher who chose my work–loads of cash.

Heed my caution: Do not be so quick to naivety.

So hence, after eight long years of trying to figure out the who, what, when, where, and why, I discovered I lacked a component of interest to publishers and agents–credibility. No degree, no works, no credentials whatsoever to sell myself as someone to take a chance on. You will more than likely find yourself working at some steady 40 hours-a-week job that you loathe as some department store clerk than living out your dream of being a successful writer if you take this road.

All I had to do was establish my credibility. But I was stubborn. I wanted the fame and the fortune NOW! So I decided, pfft, I don’t need an agent. After researching, I stumbled upon self-publishing.

Yes, you can publish your own work but this option should be ONLY considered, in my opinion, once you’re established. Do not let this be where you try and establish your foundation as a writer because for 1) is costs a LOT of money up front and for 2) you may be disappointed in your distribution options depending on who you go with.

I didn’t know any of this so I spent close to eight thousand dollars on a project that is still sitting on my computer waiting to be finished.

But from mistakes comes wisdom. If you are really serious about being a writer, LEARN about the industry. Read, read, read. Build your credibility first. My first suggestion is to put yourself through school and gain that fancy degree that you can wave around and flaunt. It will set you apart from your competition because agents and publishers will see this certificate as your proof of truly wanting to be a writer. They will take you seriously and you will gain a measure of credibility.

But don’t stop there. As a writer, and this may be a no brainer, you must WRITE. Always stay writing. Even if you don’t intend for the project to get published, doesn’t matter. Your writing is your weapons, armor, elixir, and revival spells. Your content will be your arsenal of choice to help strengthen your credibility.

Once you’ve established your credibility then you will become visible. Let’s put that into an equation shall we. Writing + Credibility = Visibility. Simple, yes?

Now it isn’t a requirement, but it’s an opportunity that I’ve learned to consider. Blogging will keep you writing, will help you with visibility and fatten your credibility. More than that, your content will define YOU.

“But where do I start?”

Highly warranted question. Begin with your interest because more than likely, you will find an audience of likeness. Target these people and deepen your writer’s power. If you like puppies, write about it dog-gonit! Superheroes? Put your Superman cape on, set up shop in front of your computer and write about it. Space endeavors? Voyage to the far reaches of the galaxy and write about what lies beyond the stars. Pick an interest and master it with content.

The last bit of advise is be consistent. Don’t create a blog if you won’t commit to the labor. This will be a testament of your credibility–or lack thereof.

Leverage yourself, take advantage of the platforms out there to strengthen your credibility, and become the best damn writer you can be.




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